How Orbitz uses Big Data and Hadoop to dynamically improve it's customer experience

posted Jun 14, 2012, 8:47 AM by Bruce P. D'Sena
The companies that benefit the most from disruptive technologies are the ones who go beyond finding operating efficiencies and develop an edge that takes them ahead of the rest. The Cloud is rich with such opportunities that enable innovation. Big Data is one such area of tremendous value, that's almost implicitly entwined with Cloud computing.

Orbitz worldwide - one of the biggest online travel sites uses Hadoop to process it's almost 750Tb of unstructured Big Data. Orbitz's custom applications parse every customer transaction, provide personalized sorts and intelligently help users find what they need. 

For example, Orbitz can take simple data about whether visitors access its sites via a PC or Mac and tell that Mac users are booking hotels with average daily rates about $20 higher than other bookers. The company plans to use this data in providing a different hotel sort to Mac users versus PC owners and improve it's conversion and interaction rate.

Gathering such intelligence is not a new concept, and any marketing team worth their salt already use such information to tune their operations. But what makes companies like Orbitz stand out are their ability (and courage) to develop and use functionality that dynamically improves customer experience in real time.