IaaS Marketplace: Google Cloud Compute Engine enters the fray

posted Jun 28, 2012, 4:46 PM by Bruce P. D'Sena   [ updated Jun 28, 2012, 4:58 PM ]
Google's Cloud Compute Engine now lets users run Linux virtual machines. Supported by RightScale, Puppet Labs, OpsCode, Numerate, Cliqr and MapR out of the gate, it looks like the push to get that Enterprise business is picking up steam. Pricing starts from less than ¢15 an hour and the options are set to increase as Google builds out it's cloud stack beyond the current limited preview. 

Yet another great building block and IaaS alternative for all those keen Hybrid Cloud Architects out there. But with Amazon, Microsoft and Google now firmly in this space, it looks like Rackspace and some of the other competition are going to have to differentiate on a lot more than price and scalability to stay in the game. 

Can we expect some of the smaller, more exposed players to morph into leaner, meaner focused relationships with operators, verticals and the like? That could make sense - we live in exciting times - so let's wait and see...

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