With simplicity comes agilityspeedclarity and cost effectiveness. Companies that have not come to terms with this in time are dropping out of the game. Most businesses today must navigate a complex, hyper-velocity environment and duel with dynamically evolving markets and shrinking operating margins. This can be a futile and expensive effort if the underlying business framework is incoherent or obsolete.

Technology can enable and accelerate the performance of every modern business.To harness it effectively, our core values must be built around the principle of simplifying business operations. 

We focus on delivering what matters the most: Simpler, Faster, Better Value IT

Cloud Computing can provide simplicity, scalability and accelerated integration within a rapidly evolving online society. But when it comes to planning, transitioning to and operating within the Cloud, the right choices are critical so that costs are minimized, time to market is actually reduced, and priorities remain towards improving customer experience and business profitability.

Fact: Legacy Problems stick to Legacy Organizations. Here's a simple test - Ask yourself (or your IT department) these 


 Are we maximizing scalability, performance and value by using the Cloud & Managed Services where it makes sense?

 Do our Product, Customer and Employee Systems harness the benefits that Social Integration with networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook provide? 

 Are we using Big Data Resources to analyze, forecast, segment, plan and improve our competitive position, or are our competitors using intelligence from our own customers to gain an edge?

 Do we use Mobile Device Strategies to reinforce business performance?  For example, can we support "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" policies to cut costs? Do customers access and purchase services from their mobile devices? Can such strategies reinforce our position with business partners?

 How strong are our Monetization Capabilities for products and services? subscriptions, recurring payments, monthly invoicing, 3rd party funded, freemium? Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wireless Payments? Can this help us innovate?

These are real, critical questions to ask if you're running a modern business. How many straight answers did you get?


Our workshops describe our Service Framework that spans Preparation, Strategy Development and Execution Support. Many elements of which are described in the book Cloud CIO Strategy.

Preparation usually involves a combination of preliminary interviews, relationship building and broad-brush planning activity. We keep this stage as informal and as short as possible..

Service Strategy Development consists of a series of activities and may include :
  • Current State Assessment, Benchmarking and Optimization
  • Definition of Future State & Roadmap
  • ROI & Business Case preparation
  • Risk profiling and planning
  • Evaluation & selection of solution alternatives and partners
  • Transition / Implementation planning
  • Enterprise Architecture planning
  • Organizational realignment planning
Our domain expertise is reinforced by a lightweight toolset founded on structured ITIL, COBIT and EAP principles, but optimized and enhanced for high velocity planning and delivery.

Strategic development is an iterative process, and must be supported in parallel with efficient Execution & Exception Management. Successful execution also involves effectiveness in
  • Program Outsourcing, Offshoring & Managed Service models
  • Vendor Management
  • KPI & SLA definition and realization
  • Customized Training, Workshops & Re-orientation
  • People and Technology transitions
  • Budget transitions and revised financial operating models
  • Business process realignment - Productivity, Operations, Channels, Customer Experience
  • Governance & compliance management services
  • Board & Steering Committee support
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Those who benefit from Cloud CIO Strategy fall into many categories including
  • Startups in need of scalable Zero Capital solutions to establish market presence & kickstart revenue creation
  • Enterprises/SMBs looking to transition applications and infrastructure to a Managed Services / Cloud model
  • Carriers looking to tap into Cloud Services as a new source of revenue
Each Client Category typically has specific needs which we approach differently in our interactive workshops. For example
  • Startups in incubation mode need to attract sources of equity and build market presence. Our lightweight approach preserves the agility and innovative environment that startups thrive on, while providing enough structure and measurability to support governance and reinforce credibility with investors. 
  • For Enterprises & SMB's in the Private Sector, as well as Non-profits, NGOs and Government organizations, our approach can help boost performance by enhancing productivity and increasing operating margins, realizing targeted customer experience improvements or accelerating performance areas critical to revenue generation / service delivery. 
  • Our Technology focus groups for example support Carriers or Enterprises implementing Service Provider / Private Clouds, elastic operating infrastructures and service delivery models, and the cultivation of associated partner ecosystems.
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