Cloud CIO Strategy - The Book

Cloud CIO Strategy 
© 2011 Bruce P.D'Sena
ISBN  978-1-257-83250-7 (Hardcover) $39.50
ISBN  978-1-257-83359-7 (Paperback) $29.50,  E-book $19.50


The Book's Structure

This book is somewhat ambitious in that it attempts to cover Cloud strategy and it's relevance to business sustainability in substantial breadth and depth. The fifteen chapters and each of their sections are carefully written in a manner that allows both technical as well as non-technical business users to elicit value. The tools and exercises provided at the end of many chapters complement the main material, and can be used “as is” or customized to the reader’s own needs.

• Chapter 1, “Things must change around here!” describes the urgency for change and some of its key drivers. It also introduces the role of our organization and the basics of how we're going to turn things around 

How to read this book

The book is best read sequentially. Depending on your interest and familiarity with the topics though, you could move directly to certain sections and still derive value. 

    Chapters 1-3 provide a contextual introduction to the urgent factors driving the need for an aggressive cloud strategy. Chapters 4-6 focus on the cloud and the value it brings, and Chapters 7-13 are around the actual planning and execution, as well as organizational and structural aspects. Chapter 14 is intended to supplement the earlier cloud intro by providing a glimpse of future developments that will positively influence the cloud business environment.

    It will help if the reader has both a business as well as technical background. That being said, despite the book's technology focus, the majority of its material will be useful to business leaders, strategists, product development champions and organizational planners in non-technology roles too.

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Whom this book is for 

This book will be useful to anyone who wants to use modern technology to resurrect business potential in today's hyper-competitive market environment.  Its primary goal is to build a strong foundation for those on a quest to improve a business through Cloud technologies. The material has been distilled from my own experiences successfully setting up and leading several such transitions at an executive level.

    CIO's who are looking to move their IT platforms to the Cloud can gain a deeper understanding of how it can actually help them improve the bottom line, and become a strategic partner at the CEO's table. Similarly, the book will be a useful reference for other executives, business leaders, technology managers, analysts and architects. Cloud users can read the book to better understand how the Cloud and the Internet of Things work together. 

    The intended audience includes members of the broader business and investment communities as well. The strategic benefits, execution aspects and investment profiles related to the Cloud are radically different from More..

Using the tools & exercises

A number of tools, templates, checklists and worksheets have been included at the end of several chapters. Many of these are ready to be used "as is" in the business environment. I also look forward to these examples being food for thought and to be used as building blocks for the reader's own projects. More material will be added to this site over time, so please do check back occasionally. 

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