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Whom this book is for

This book will be useful to anyone who wants to use modern technology to resurrect business potential in today's hyper-competitive market environment.
    Its primary goal is to build a strong foundation for those on a quest to improve a business through Cloud technologies. The material has been distilled from my own experiences successfully setting up and leading several such transitions at an executive level. It’s filled with insights on almost every aspect to help the reader visualize how things progress and materialize throughout planning, execution and subsequent stages.

    CIO's who are looking to move their IT platforms to the Cloud can gain a deeper understanding of how it can actually help them improve the bottom line, and become a strategic partner at the CEO's table. Similarly, the book will be a useful reference for other executives, business leaders, technology managers, analysts and architects. Cloud users can read the book to better understand how the Cloud and the Internet of Things work together. Corporate systems and technical personnel will find value in this book as a harbinger of their new career path as the technology landscape evolves.

    The intended audience includes members of the broader business and investment communities as well. The strategic benefits, execution aspects and investment profiles related to the Cloud are radically different from the traditional IT norm. This book will help such readers broaden their knowledge, and will assist them in comparing and contrasting Cloud strategies with other paths available at their disposal.

    Finally, this book will also be useful for academicians, and management or technology courses in general.

    It will help if the reader has both a business as well as technical background. That being said, the majority of the book’s material will be useful to business leaders, strategists, product development champions and organizational planners in non-technology roles too. A conscious effort has been made to simplify and explain topics in detail wherever possible.