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In this course, Bruce D'Sena talks about business strategy & execution and how this relates to using Cloud Computing to accelerate revenues and generate value for your business. This tutorial also also covers topics like the explosive growth of the Internet and the shift to mobile payments and how and why modern businesses need to position themselves online in the Cloud for maximum benefit. From a series of lectures and keynotes on Business on Demand.

Business on Demand - The Youtube Mini-series

Module 1 - Introducing the three most basic prerogatives of Enterprise Technology Planning that are critical for acceptance and adoption by business customers.

Module 2 - The key factors that influence business performance and the top motivators around strategic planning, influencing customer experience and setting the stage for execution on demand.

Module 3 - The IT legacy death trap, balancing agility with stakeholder availability, and the truth behind business transformation.

Module 4 - The guiding principles of technology strategy, how simplicity in controls can influence performance and customer experience, and the foundations of execution on demand.

Module 5 - The explosive growth of the Internet, convergence, confluence, disruptive technologies and catalytic shifts like mobile payments. Introducing the Cloud, it's deployment and service models and how businesses can use it to position themselves to strategic advantage.

Module 6 - The concepts of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are introduced along with examples on how they can be applied in the real world. Bruce also talks about the natural evolution of IT to a service based economy.

Module 7 - Executive perspectives on implementing the Cloud, Enterprise Architecture Planning for the Cloud, Implementation, Governance, Security and Cloudsourcing. This mini-series closes with a look at the future of IT and the role of business leadership as it relates to modern IT service planning and delivery.